Have you pretty much resigned yourself to the fact that after your last relationship…

(AKA the epic, disastrous sh*t-show that demolished your life, peace of mind and confidence) that men suck and you’d rather be indefinitely single than EVER run the risk of placing your battered heart in the hands of another? 

Are you having a HARD time pulling your life together?

Do you feel like a shell of a person and wish you could just crawl back in time to RIGHT BEFORE you met your ex, when you were HAPPY and care-free?

When you had dreams you were on fire about chasing?

Have you tried DATING, DATING and more DATING and have more ghosting, awkward silences and hot (but empty) sex stories than you care to talk about? 

If you’ve all but given up – but secretly still want the fairy tale, you don’t have to live one more second in this push-pull conflict.  

Tune in below for the 60-second hack you can apply to immediately turn it around. 👇🏻

🌟NOTE: skip to minute 9:21 to get right to the good stuff.

Do you have a favorite trick that keeps you positive on your search for love? Comment below and share! 

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