Bethany Dotson

Trauma-Informed Somatic Therapist & Coach  

Helping you become a woman worthy of love.

Yoga is not really about getting your body healthy, although it does that too. Yoga is about the knowledge that will help you out of your predicament,

The knowledge that can free you. 

 – Michael Singer

My Story

I grew up with Domestic Violence.  And by the time I found yoga as a college student in 2002,  I was struggling with depression, anxiety and a series of failed relationships with controlling or emotionally unavailable  men.   I was living a double life,  trying to maintain my 3.8 GPA by day, and partying like a maniac by night.  The glue holding my friendships together was getting wasted and dating the hottest guy.   At 22, I knew something needed to change.   

And one day on a whim, I convinced my roommate to try a yoga class with me at a studio a few blocks from campus.  

I collapsed into a sweaty savasana – and floated through life for the next 3 days.  I went back the next day, the day after and the day after that.     Seventeen years later yoga is still my medicine.  My anchor when sh*t hits the fan, when I’m feeling heartbroken or edging out of my comfort zone personally or professionally.  

Today I help women realize their self-worth, release stress,  anxiety and find more love in life. 

 I help women create a life beyond their wildest dreams. 



My Values & Beliefs

Yoga and Mindfulness are for EVERY BODY

I believe yoga is for every body regardless if you’ve never done yoga, don’t have a “yoga body” or consider yourself  “stiff as a board” with the world’s tightest hamstrings.

You already possess the answers you seek

I believe you already have everything you need within to solve your life’s greatest problems, break through patterns and achieve your wildest dreams. My mission is to help you reconnect with that power and recognize your own beautiful brilliance. 

Mental over Physical

I believe that while the physical benefits of yoga are far-reaching, my focus is on how you feel while practicing.  I believe in the transformative, emotional and psychological benefits of yoga and mindfulness and its ability to improve communication, heal relationships, cultivate self-worth and change lives.  

My Approach

I believe that you already have all the answers you need within.  My approach is client-focused, meaning you’re in the driver’s seat of our work together.  While I may guide you and make suggestions, ultimately my mission is to help you rediscover, reconnect with and trust your intuition and internal guidance. 

I use a combination of gentle movement, trauma-informed yoga, meditation, dialogue and mind-body psychology to help you “tune in”,  work through “edges”  (both physical and mental), identify new life goals and action steps you can take toward creating positive change and living a life you love.

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