The 5-Step BluePrint My Professional Female Clients Use to Heal Anxiety, Reclaim Their Identity and Be “Healthy-Love” Ready After Divorce or Narcissistic Relationships…

(without dredging up the past or years of talk therapy)

Heal Your Heart. 

Transform Your Life. 

I help smart, professional women heal emotional abuse after divorce or toxic relationships, reclaim their confidence… and eventually attract the love of their lives. 

Client Transformations

How My Smart, Professional Clients Heal Emotional Abuse, Conquer Codependency and Attract Healthy Partners….(without years in therapy)

About Me

I found yoga and mindfulness in 2002 while a stressed out college student struggling to stay on the Dean’s List, battling depression, anxiety, drug abuse and running with the wrong crowd.

Seventeen years later yoga is still my medicine.  Today I help others reconnect to who they are, heal from toxic relationships and navigate life change using the powerful, healing practices of yoga and mindfulness.


 “…One of the most powerful moments of my life. Her ability to guide you through your body and emotions is unmatched. She is knowledgeable, kind, and creates a safe place for her clients to open up and begin to heal. I still revisit the moments I had in our session to this day. It was so enlightening. Schedule your appointment ASAP and see for yourself.”

Amy K.

“I encountered Bethany’s practice at just the right time, and it was incredibly healthy. Many of us know we have to process emotional pain from our pasts to in order to fully heal, but fewer of us realize we carry our pasts in our bodies as well.  Incorporating the physical with the emotional can make a big difference in our healing journeys – and this is a great place to start.  “


“It was very interesting to see how the patterns in my body were related to the ones in my mind. Also very interesting that I had the answers to my own problems all along .”

Carolyn B.