Are You Ready to Heal After Your Ex?

You’re a strong, successful woman who excels in your career. But you struggle with a broken “man picker”.  You’ve tried therapy, but your choices in love seem to get worse.  Whether you’re recently single or haven’t dated in years, you’re in the right place.

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  Helping Strong, Sucessful Women Overcome c/PTSD, Reclaim Their Confidence & Attract Healthy Relationships After Narcissistic Abuse or Divorce. 




Are you successful and established in your career…but highly unsuccessful when it comes to your choices in love?


Have you invested in traditional therapy to help you heal after your Ex, but still avoid dating, don’t trust yourself or still ruminate over your Ex?


Do you struggle with burnout and boundaries in your career? Do you hide in excess busyness or workaholism?


Do you avoid conflict, people please and tolerate low quality relationships or work environments for far longer than you need to?


If you have kids, do you worry they’ll repeat your poor relationship modeling?  And want better for yourself and for them? 


Did you take years off dating and invest a small fortune in therapy, only to fall for someone WORSE than your Ex?

Do you want love, but secretly worry that you’ll be alone forever?


We Can Help You Heal Your Heart and Transform Your Life. 

We use research-based methods for healing complex trauma, anxiety, confidence issues and codependency so that you experience the healthiest relationship you’ve ever had with YOU…and an intimate partner.   


Dating After Divorce: How to Rebuild Trust

As a successful, career-driven woman over 40, you want love in your life. But after going through a divorce, possibly involving narcissistic abuse, it's understandable if your trust in relationships has been shattered. Your broken "partner-picker" may be steering you...

5 Ways You Keep Love Away

5 Ways You Keep Love Away

How many times you tell yourself you’re DONE. You’re gonna listen to the red flags next time and absolutely, pinkie-swear, on-your-grandmother’s-grave NOT FALL FOR IT AGAIN…

You somehow wind up in the same destructive pattern you’ve been reliving in slightly different variations…

Your ENTIRE life.