It may sound ironic to think that you have control issues.
You may have been with a really controlling Ex. Who you at times, you still feel triggered by, especially if you have a co-parenting relationship.
But if you’ve been single for a while, and you’ve tried your hand at dating, only to find yourself in more unfulfilling relationships – even if you’ve worked really hard to heal this pattern…
Your control issues may be at play.
Yes, I said YOUR control issues. This is in no way to victim blame or shame. But if you’ve always struggled in your love life, there’s only one common denominator here: YOU. (Said with love).
If you’ve taken years off dating only to find yourself falling for someone even more emotionally unavailable or abusive than your Ex…
If you’ve focused solely on your career (for YEARS)…but can’t seem to translate the success you have at work to your love life…
THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU. Tune in to learn the 3 most prominent signs control issues are blocking your ability to have a healthy relationship.
And likely causing resentment and burnout in other parts of your life.






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