Client Success Stories

Prior to starting my journey with Bethany, I was emotionally at rock bottom. I felt numb and not connected to myself. 
I felt like even though I had gotten through so much in my past, this time, I somehow didn’t feel able to see my way out of this feeling. 
I was confused and scared ( even though I no longer was in the relationship) and could not stop my mind from racing to try and make sense of it all.
I just didn’t even know who I was anymore ….I had given all of me away, was completely drained, which in turned effected my children who needed a Mom to be present with them in their lives. 
Now, I feel like me again. I no longer have racing thoughts of trying to figure out everything that didn’t make sense to me. 
I am focused on me, my goals, and how to live daily in peace with who I am and what I NOW know I deserve and need in a partner…..which makes it a lot easier to let that past relationship go!
I have a sense of self back…..the one I lost in that relationship and gave away. She’s back! This has helped my children too…..they are more connected to me because I am more connected to myself.
My oldest was really struggling with grades before and now he is getting A’s and B’s on all of his tests.
My words of wisdom to anyone going through this is……….invest in this program to invest in yourself.
Finding yourself again through this specific therapy that regulates the brain and body is needed in order to heal and move forward into a BETTER version of you than you have ever had before.
It really helped me to know that Bethany herself has gone through this specific type of relationship and has felt and experienced what I had in order to understand what it takes to break it all down and to build back up to get better. I am forever grateful.
Amy F.

My greatest internal shift has been to honor and deeply listen to my own body. I truly see how the body knows the answer for me. Now see how important it is to get curious about my body’s responses and honor those responses first and foremost. I now am consistent about a daily morning and evening meditation, which I absolutely love. Doing my meditations makes me feel like I’m coming home.

There’s a peace that I’ve found and just knowing that I have that peace within me helps me recognize when I am not feeling that way.

My external shifts included selling a little cabin that had become a financial burden. I had been putting it off because it also involved getting my mom’s buy in, which seemed impossible. But being apart of this program gave me the confidence to speak my truth in a way that was clear and well-received by my mom. It also helped her and I talk about and resolve past dramas.

I also was able to say no to an ex who, after showing me how he’s transformed, asked me to come back to the relationship. I had the courage to choose myself over him, which has been hard for me to do in the past.   

If you’re having doubts about whether this program is worth it, it is. The money will come, you will grow in ways you had never imagined, you will have continued support throughout the program and beyond, and you will be doing something for yourself that will benefit you for the rest of your life. 


He honestly is for me. It’s wacky, but we think the same things at the same time. All the time. If it weren’t for his very thoughtful first message,  I would have deleted him. (As I had with every other guy with how his profile was, when it came to his kids.) But I gotta say, I’m so happy I took a chance, or I wouldn’t be where I am today! 

Breanna R.

I believe Angels come into our path for specific reasons. I wanted to say Thank You for being one of those angels. I have been letting things go this Christmas and just going with the flow. Also, savoring each and every moment. I am just much more grounded, patient and confident in myself. I know there will be bumps in the road, but I am ready to fight and stick my boundaries.

Maria G.

I just want to say you’ve created a program worth a million dollars and you helped me to overcome so much. I’m still work in progress but I’m no longer burying myself in work. I’m fighting to live out my goals while building a beautiful relationship one step at a time with a man who respects and cares for me.

Kendra G.

Forever grateful for this program! Best thing to date that I have ever done for myself.  Highly recommend it. â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸

Carolyn C.

In my 3rd week of the program and I feel a huge change in my anxiety and more aware of ME! You are an Angel Bethany! Thank You! I am excited and scared for more to come, but I will get through it!!

Stacey H.

Lifechanging. I never realized how much shame I was carrying inside. Her ability to guide you through your emotions is umatched. 

Amy K.

I matched with Arturo at the end of October. I soon realized that he lived in Texas (I live in Wisconsin). I decided to just have fun and talk with him (ya know, put myself out there)! We had a couple video chats and they were a blast!

I did get in my head about the distance and made up stories about what this could mean. I kept talking with other guys that lived locally, as I kept exploring. I was afraid of committing my time and energy to one guy too quickly. That was my old pattern, and I wasn’t about to do that again! ?

I found myself getting scared of developing more feelings (or actually, allowing and honoring them). I let my brain do the deciding, rather than leading with my heart.

I still had some lessons to be learned in trusting myself (and my gut).

It all got to be too much (on top of the stress of working in healthcare and COVID).

Maybe this just wasn’t the right time for me…again. I took a little break and put my profile as “unavailable.†I felt like I was “getting warmer†when it comes to being in a good place and attracting the right guy…but I just felt a bit lost for a moment.

I took on more self care that week- journaling, meditation, crying it out.

I logged back into the app on Thanksgiving. He had sent me the sweetest message, saying he missed talking to me and he left his phone number in hopes I would see it and contact him. I can’t believe that I nearly shut down and closed the door! It still makes me sad that I almost missed out, but I’m grateful for his vulnerability.

It has helped me to show mine more than ever. Brené Brown would be proud.

I texted him that night and our connection kept building from there. FaceTime, texts and pics, as we learned about each other. Despite being over 1000 miles away, I’ve never felt more close to someone. I would be in my pjs with wet hair and no makeup, and we would have these incredibly authentic video chats. His job asked him to come last minute for a project (right around Christmas) so I agreed to meet him sooner than we had planned. I surrendered and just leaned into it! His flight was rerouted and I drove to pick him up at an airport over an hour away. I felt excited, confident and curious (!!), as opposed to the worried and anxious Amber I’m skilled at being. When we embraced outside in the cold winter air, I’ve never felt so warm. It was the hug I’ve been waiting for my entire life.

This feels a little scary putting this out there. However, it feels wrong to not share. I hope that it can provide just that: Hope. I feel the shifts in my mindset, the resulting changes in my actions, and my walls coming down. It’s all a journey.

Thank you, Bethany, for everything! Without you, I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today. I truly believe that I have found that healing type of love.

I also want to thank the universe for all that comes to me (as it is meant for me)!
Amber L.