He honestly is for me. It’s wacky, but we think the same things at the same time. All the time. If it weren’t for his very thoughtful first message,  I would have deleted him. (As I had with every other guy with how his profile was, when it came to his kids.) But I gotta say, I’m so happy I took a chance, or I wouldn’t be where I am today! 

Breanna R.

I just wanted to say Thank You! I got a higher paying job and met hot, fun guy thanks to all the positive thinking you taught me! 

Kendra G.

I believe Angels come into our path for specific reasons. I wanted to say Thank You for being one of those angels. I have been letting things go this Christmas and just going with the flow. Also, savoring each and every moment. I am just much more grounded, patient and confident in myself. I know there will be bumps in the road, but I am ready to fight and stick my boundaries.

Maria G.

After 10 years of therapy, I never understood boundaries like I know them now. I’ve made the most progress since joining 5 months ago.  

Amber L.

Lifechanging. I never realized how much shame I was carrying inside. Her ability to guide you through your emotions is umatched. 

Amy K.