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I don't have yoga experience - can I still do this?

Yes! This work is for YOU even if you’ve never tried yoga or meditation. Each session is tailored to your unique needs with plenty of modifications for your comfort level.  Yoga Therapy is perfect for ANY body type regardless of size, shape, flexibility of experience.  It’s more about what’s happening on the inside vs. what you look like on the outside. 

How does yoga help me change?

While many people believe doing yoga is about becoming uber flexible and relaxed, the physical part of yoga is just a (teeny-tiny) tip of the iceberg.   The word “yoga” means to unite (with a higher power, the Universe, your true self – insert the term that works best for you here) and break free from limiting patterns and mindsets that hold you back. 

Yoga and meditation slow down your brain’s reactivity to certain stressors so you can be more responsive and make a healthier choice, rather than repeating the same unhealthy pattern over and over again. 

Is this like regular "therapy"

While this works is therapeutic in nature, it’s not intended to replace or mimic clinical mental health treatment.   If you’re in need of traditional psychotherapy, I’m happy to offer referrals.