When I taught public yoga classes, one of my favorite things to talk about in class was the concept of “Ahimsa” – or “non-harming”.  

In Sanskrit, Ahimsa literally means non-violence.  And while at surface value it’s obvious to understand you shouldn’t be violent to or harm others,  I like to focus more on the question: where are you harming yourself?

What does self-harm look like?

Self-harm can show up in a variety of subtle, sneaky ways.  Self-sabotage, ignoring your intuition, telling yourself: “I’ll never succeed” or “I’m not good enough”…..to pursue, do or create (fill in your heart’s desire here).

Self-harm can look like staying in a toxic, codependent or addictive relationship, staying in an unhealthy work environment out of the fear-based belief you won’t be able to find anything else.

Self-harm can look like constantly criticizing yourself or holding yourself up to unattainable, perfectionist standards.

Self-harm can look like perpetually staying in your comfort zone because you believe you’re not worthy of achieving all of your beautiful, wildly exciting dreams.

Heads up!

Tune in for a special challenge to try this week – to help you stay break free from harming YOURSELF so you can (finally) create the life you love 🙂

CTA: What subtle ways do you harm yourself?  What’s ONE act of kindness or self-care you can do for yourself this week?