When you’ve been burned in love – REPEATEDLY… the usual response is to build a 10’ thick iron-clad wall around your heart.

To be extremely suspicious of men. Especially any and all that frequent online dating apps.

You’ll tell yourself men suck. They’re all after one thing. They’re all still married and cheating.

That they’re all commitment-phobic and as soon you let them in, they go cold.

You may throw yourself into work. Your kids. Hobbies. Trying to boost your self-esteem with a little retail therapy or a vacation on a sunny island somewhere…

You’ll tell yourself, you’re working on YOU.

But the fear and mistrust of dating and men lives on inside you. Often for many, MANY years.

But the REAL PROBLEM isn’t the men you’re attracting – or the fact you can’t trust them. Tune in below for what needs to shift RIGHT NOW in order to break your pattern.


When You Don’t Trust Men

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