Wanna know the ONE thing that can help you get through life’s toughest situations?

Actually faster?

Especially when you feel completely overwhelmed, anxious and stuck in a cycle of negative thinking and self-sabotage?

It’s NOT – Google searching, Reddit or Quorum forums, binging on Netflix, 3 glasses of wine before bed, hopping on Tinder to get over someone, or filling up your calendar with back-to-back “stuff” to keep yourself endlessly busy – and not focused on the THING that’s eating you.

It’s your BREATH. 

Now before you go rolling your eyes, stay with me here! We’re wired as humans to avoid the bad parts of life as much as possible - because who wants to actually FEEL heartbroken, anxious, sad and depressed? Not fun, right?


But here’s the THING: when we allow ourselves to LEAN INTO DISCOMFORT and BREATH through all those tough feelings, they go away FASTER. YEP! Counter-intuitive, but TRUE.

Try this 4-part breath practice ANYTIME, ANYWHERE (people in line at Target won’t notice, I promise)

 ✨INHALE for 4 counts
 ✨HOLD for 4 counts
✨ EXHALE for 4 counts


Did you try this out? Hit reply and let me know what you thought!