You work hard in your career. You worked HARDER to recover from your narcissistic Ex husband.


You swore off dating for a while to heal. You went to therapy. You focused on raising your kids.


You achieved more in your career.


And JUST WHEN you thought you were ready for love again…you reluctantly got on dating apps..and BAM!


You got into another dysfunctional relationship. Maybe WORSE than your Ex.


Your kids watched you suffer all over again. Maybe they got attached to this person.


Or maybe you tried to hide this toxic relationship from them…feeling distracted and slightly guilty when you WERE with your kids. (You knew they could tell).


HOW DID THIS HAPPEN AGAIN? You worked SO HARD on yourself. You took A LOT of time off dating (like YEARS off dating) to focus on yourself.


You got to a really good place in your life. Then completely LOST YOURSELF in this toxic mess.


If this sounds like you, listen to this week’s episode as I pull back the curtain on the top reasons why you DID all of the right things to heal after your divorce…but still got into another toxic relationship. Even if you’re smart, successful and “should’ve known better.”





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