Are you a believer in the Law of Attraction?


After your last few relationships left you:


  • Leveled emotionally, mentally (and quite possibly physically or financially) 
  • Desperately wanting more than something casual 
  • Struggling to get your needs met and wishing and hoping he’d hurry up and change already and FINALLY go back to the Prince Charming he was in the beginning…


You may have tried to break this frustrating cycle by:

  •  Reading tons of self-help books…
  • Getting your PhD in narcissism by googling – every.article.on.the.planet and replaying every moment of your relationship, trying to match up the symptoms…
  • Spending hours, months and YEARS in therapy (I did this!) 
  • Vision boarding your DREAM relationship
  • Writing out affirmations 
  • Visualizing him 
  • Praying for him to find you 
  • Seeing psychics hoping they’ll tell you WHEN you’ll meet the ONE
  • Doing yoga, reiki, seeing shaman’s and smudging so much sage you’re neighbors think you’re high…

And when you DO finally, unexpectedly meet THE GUY who FINALLY captivates you, gives you butterflies, sweeps you clean off your feet and smothers you with attention and compliments…

It’s a shockingly short period of time, before you realize you’re YET AGAIN dating an emotionally abusive / unavailable ass-hat who can’t meet you halfway. You might not want to believe it.

And in fact, you’ll likely stuff the red flags to the side. Convincing yourself it’s “not that badâ€.

Because after-all, you DID everything right! (right?) You did ALL the manifesting, healing, energy clearing and working on yourself. How the HELL is this happening AGAIN? Tune in below for the reason. ??


â¤ï¸If you’ve tried ALL the THINGS and need support, I’d love to chat (totally free) and help you break the cycle. Book your breakthrough call today and break INTO a life and love better than you ever imagined.