Have all your relationships started with fireworks – then quickly fizzled into a downward spiral of explosive fights?


Or did they do the dreaded, painful slow fade?


You know the routine…. texts taking longer and LONGER to respond to, last minute excuses about how they can’t see you or conveniently “forgetting” you had plans?


You living in a steady stream of anxiety, constantly checking your phone to see if they texted, or stalking their social media to see if you can find proof they’re cheating on you. 


Basically ignoring your life and waiting for some attention, breadcrumbs, smoke signals – anything so you can feel reassured you guys are “okay”?


Maybe you fell into the addictive cycle of breaking up a million times, only to go back when they sent the “I f*cked up. I’m overwhelmingly in love with you” email or text.


It’s EXHAUSTING. And no way to live.   If this is your pattern – more than you’d like to admit, click the #1 reason why this keeps showing up in your life.  


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