Were you made to feel crazy in your last relationship?

When you had a hunch, gut feeling or maybe hard-core evidence something wasn’t right – and confronted your partner, were you made to feel like you were “overreacting” or “imagining things”?

Did he accuse YOU of being afraid and trying to sabotage the relationship? 

Or worse, did he BLOW UP – causing WW III, shocked that you could actually accuse him of such horrible things? ?

If YES: you my friend, were the unfortunate target of an anxiety-laden, psychologically messed up game called “gas-lighting”. 

The crappy part is that going forward, you might not be able to TRUST YOURSELF. 

You may feel an intuitive “hit” – and ignore it. Rationalizing it away, convincing yourself you’re “overreacting” or telling yourself “it’s just your anxiety”. 

You may go on a first date (naturally feeling jitters) but not know how to tell if you’re hearing “warning bells” about the charming guy across from you – or if it’s your shell-shocked nerves on high alert from your last bad experience. 

Tune in below as I share how to tell the difference between your intuition (that’s always there) and anxiety (which may be clouding your ability to see clearly).  


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