Does the thought of dating feel like slow torture?

Is your thumb sore from all the mindless swiping you’re doing?  

Do you get really excited about someone, finally meet in person, only to realize:

1) you have ZERO chemistry 

2) he’s covered in red flags, but looks hella good (and it’s been a while for you) 

3) you’re REALLY into him, but he’s not reciprocating? 

Maybe you’re terrified of dating because every time you’ve fallen for a guy, it winds up in a vicious, damaging downward spiral that leaves you begging for breadcrumbs. 


If this is you, keep reading (or watch below) for the 3 critical keys you need in order to attract Mr. Right.


If there was ONE big secret to successfully dating, attracting healthier men – and basically living a KICK ASS life it’s this: YOUR MINDSET. 

I know as women, if we’ve been through the ringer a time (or 4) in love, it can be really easy to unknowingly shut down our hearts and move through life in a “why me??” mentality. 


Being hurt – even just once, can leave far-reaching damage.  You may approach dating “being on high alert” looking and searching for ANY little clue, the guy sitting across from you is:


  1. A narcissist 
  2. Too nice or a pushover (AKA boring…)
  3. A pathological liar who has a trail of destruction behind him (see #1)


You may move through life with the deeply embedded belief that you don’t DESERVE an incredible man or real intimacy. That you’re not “pretty”, “rich”, “thin” or  “have-your-shit-together” enough for an amazing man. 


You may go into every single dating situation or open every app you’re on with a sense of dread.

And the TRUTH? By thinking and feeling dread, believing you’re not enough or that dating is “hard” or there aren’t any good men left – you’re CREATING those very circumstances. 


You’re ATTRACTING more of what you don’t want. 

Which creates more frustration and dread… which fuels more of what you DON’T WANT. ?


Tagging on with point #1 ??. The words you use carry weight.  Recently in our FB Group (which btw, you should join if you haven’t already) someone stated dating was like “trying to find the least damaged item at the garbage dump”. 


Ouch. Pretty negative, right? 


The truth is that the words you use are highly indicative of your internal environment.

Your beliefs not only about the world around you – but most importantly YOURSELF. 


If you say “all men are a-holes”, or that “you always attract narcissists” – this creates an emotional response in your brain – which then triggers (almost automatically) an outward response from the world around you.  You’ll begin attracting circumstances to “prove” your beliefs. 


Bottom line: your WORDS MATTER. 


Finally, if you’ve repeatedly attracted emotionally unavailable or abusive relationships…


If you’ve taken some time off in between partners only to find yourself in the SAME situation…


If you’ve knowingly gotten out of one bad relationship, only to immediately hop on 4 different dating apps and drown (errr…avoid) your pain by moving on as quickly as possible….


?STOP.   Dating, in my opinion, the last thing you need to be doing. 


I highly, HIGHLY encourage you to work on shifting your INTERNAL environment first. Things will not change on the outside until you do. 

If you need help with this, I’m here for you.  Book a free breakthrough call and take the first powerful step in breaking the cycle. ❤️