Whatever it is, sometimes we’re faced with “oh shit” moments we need to navigate. Whether you saw the red flags waving high and chose to ignore them or were completely blindsided with some bad news, here are two tips to help you navigate a sticky situation with grace and ease – and minimal meltdown.

Ever find yourself knee-deep in a sticky, awkward situation? Maybe you realize a coworker or new friend has some questionable behavior. Maybe you signed a client only to realize a couple of months in, they have questionable ethics and morals. Or maybe you keeping dating the guy (or gal) you know isn’t good for you, but you can’t quite bring yourself to leave completely.

Here are 2 Tips for Handling a Sticky Situation with Ease:

1) Take a DEEP BREATH (or 20)

No matter HOW BAD the news is, how inconvenient it is or how much you don’t want to believe it – do yourself (and the other party(ies) a giant favor and pause to take a deep breath. Taking a deep breath immediately puts you back into your body and slows down your “fight or flight” response, giving you a moment to catch your breath (literally) and CHOOSE how you want to respond (not REACT) to the situation. You’ll likely save tons of face, tears and embarrassment my giving yourself a moment for a deep breath.

2) Accept without judgement

It’s easy to get hooked into blaming the other person and feeling victimized by their behavior. It’s even easier to beat yourself up for “not knowing any better” and “not listening to your intuition”. The truth is, we’ve all been there and likely given someone the benefit of the doubt (even if we deep down have a sense something’s off).

Judging or blaming yourself or the other person keeps you stuck in a low vibe energy pattern. Accepting that yes, this person has hurt you or wronged you is completely healthy. But when you continuously blame someone for your misfortune, hurt feelings, inconvenience or stress, you begin to give your power away. Accept what happened, most importantly the part YOU played – and move on from it.

How have you handled sticky situations? What other tips do you have? Share with me in the comments below!