Mind Body Coaching to Help You

Create a life you love

Reduce anxiety, break the cycle of bad relationships,  reclaim your self-worth and find more love.

Whether you’re stuck after a big life change, “on paper” you have the perfect life, but struggle with finding a healthy love or feel you’ve wasted too many years in a toxic relationship and not sure how to get YOU back, I can help.   

 This Work is For You If: 

You're ready to accept full responsibility for your happiness.

Often it’s easy to feel like life has happened “to us”, or the other person is the issue. This work is for you if  who want more  insight around your own patterns and how to create healthier choices. This is for you if you’re 100% ready to drop the blame-game and shift away from negative thinking.

You're open to the healing modalities of yoga and mindfulness to create an INCREDIBLE life.

Many people commonly believe yoga is about becoming flexible, and while some of that is true, this isn’t the end-goal. While we’ll work with your body, the focus is on using it as a gateway to how you feel, where you hold tension and the patterns that also present in your life. (Because it’s all connected!) This work also relies on the non-physical aspects of yoga (awareness, mindfulness, resiliency and surrender) to help shift limiting patterns and manifest new goals.

You're successful in every other area of your life, BUT

“Magically” find yourself in the same less-than-ideal situations over and over, settling for less than you deserve. 

You're tired of wasting precious time

in the wrong relationship(s) while your biological clock ticks away, in the wrong mindset that you’re defective and doomed to be alone forever while everyone else around you seems to be “getting” it right.


I don't have yoga experience - can I still do this?

Yes! This work is for YOU even if you’ve never tried yoga or meditation.  Each session is tailored to your unique needs with plenty of modifications to meet you at your comfort level.  Yoga Therapy is perfect for ANY BODY type regardless of flexibility, size, shape ore experience.  It’s more about what’s happening on the inside versus what you look like on the outside.

How does yoga help me change?

While many people believe yoga is about becoming uber flexible and relaxing – the physical part of yoga is just a (teeny-tiny) tip of the iceberg.   The word yoga means to “unite” (with a higher power, the Universe, your true self – insert what works for you here) and break-free from limiting patterns and mindsets that hold you back. 

Yoga and meditation slow down your brain’s reactivity to certain stressors so you can be more responsive and make a healthier choice, rather than repeating the same unhealthy pattern over (and over again). 

Is this like regular "therapy"?

While this work is “therapeutic” in nature, it’s not intended to replace or mimic professional, clinical treatment.  If you’re in need of traditional psychotherapy, I’m happy to provide referrals. 

My Approach

 I believe that you already have all the answers you need within.  My approach is client-focused, meaning you’re in the driver’s seat of our work together.  While I may guide you and make suggestions, ultimately my mission is to help you rediscover, reconnect with and trust your intuition and internal guidance.

I use a combination of gentle movement, trauma-informed yoga, meditation, dialogue and mind-body psychology to help you “tune in”,  work through “edges”  (both physical and mental), identify new life goals and action steps you can take toward creating positive change and living a life you love.