When the alarm goes off each morning, does your routine go something like this:

  • Immediate sense of dread:“How the H-E-double-hockey sticks is it time to get up already??”
  • Hit snooze a half dozen more times until –
  • Then spend the rest of of what little morning time you have left, rushing around, frantically trying to get ready, caffeinated – and if you’re lucky some kind of nutritious breakfast down the hatch?

All to get through to the end of your day feeling ho-hum.

Like you’ve spun your wheels, made no real progress and checked social media WAY TOO MANY TIMES? I feel you my friend.  And it doesn’t have to be this way.  No matter what you’re going through in life, you have the power to CHOOSE how you want to show up.

You have the power already within to WIN YOUR DAY.

These 3 habits- all done before 8AM – are WAY better than hitting snooze 76864 times then rushing out the door. Trust me.  From one champion snoozer to the next, if I can do this – you can too!

These practices have been a TOTAL GAME CHANGER for me.  Even if aren’t an entrepreneur or building a side hustle – these tips work JUST the same to help you get through your day with motivation and ease.

SWEAT: make this the FIRST thing you do.  Lay out your gym clothes, yoga mat – or better sleep in them!
MEDITATE: even 5 minutes goes a long way
WRITE: your goals for the day.  3-5 are ideal and even write how you want to feel. Some of my fave’s: at ease, happy, accomplished, confident, blissful, optimistic.

Got any other habits you already do that work for you?  Tell me below in the comments!  

Try these for ONE week and tell me how you feel!   Got a friend who could use this? Please spread the love and share with them!