Sure. By now you likely know it’s got something to do with you and your psychology…

You may even trace it back to having unavailable or abusive parents yourself.


It’s certainly not your fault when someone lies, gaslights or abuses you.

But you ARE the common denominator in all your loves gone wrong. 

And you might be so fed up at this point that falling in love sounds like an unrealistic pipe dream that will probably end up with you sobbing on the floor anyway…

So why the F bother?

Coronavirus. Narcissists. Married Men. Guys who just want you for sex. Guys you have to mother.

Guys with anger issues. Credit card issues. Daily pot smoking and video game issues.

Does Mr. Emotionally Available even EXIST?

And if he does, then why the “H-E-double- hockey-sticks” do you keep getting Mr. Wrong? ALL.THE.TIME?

Tune in below for the REAL REASON you keep dating Unavailable men. It might not be what you think.

Why You Really Keep Dating Mr. Unavailable